Hunting is not just an activity; it’s a passion we’re eager to share with you.
hunting at Lac Seul
A Premier Hunting Destination
At Reel Inn, we specialize in offering tailored accommodations and services for hunting enthusiasts, specifically catering to Ontario residents interested in bear and moose hunting. Our approach is to provide more than just a place to stay; we aim to deliver a comprehensive and immersive hunting experience.
Lac Seul Fishing Lodge
Lac Seul Bear Hunting
Bear Hunting
Enhanced Opportunities
For those with a focus on bear hunting, we offer comfortable accommodations that serve as an ideal base camp for your adventures. To elevate your hunting experience, we provide access to pre-baited sites. These sites are carefully chosen and prepared in advance, situated in areas known for their bear activity. This preparation is aimed at improving your hunting success rate, allowing you to focus on the thrill of the hunt in prime bear territory.
Lac Seul Ear Falls Moose Hunting
Moose Hunting
Expert Guidance Available
Moose hunters staying with us will find accommodations suited to both individual and group needs. Understanding the complexities of moose hunting, we also extend moose guiding services upon request. Our guides are seasoned experts, deeply familiar with the local landscapes and moose behavior patterns. Whether you’re a veteran hunter or seeking to expand your hunting skills, our guides offer invaluable assistance, from tracking strategies to executing the perfect shot.
hunting at Lac Seul
Customized Hunting Experiences

Our mission is to ensure that your hunting trip is as productive as it is memorable. Our accommodations are thoughtfully designed to meet the needs of hunters, combining comfort with practicality. With the added advantage of our pre-baited sites for bear hunts and professional guiding services for moose hunts, Reel Inn stands ready to make your Ontario hunting experience extraordinary.

At Reel Inn, hunting is not just an activity; it’s a passion we’re eager to share with you. Whether targeting bear, moose or grouse, our dedicated team is here to support your pursuit every step of the way, ensuring a memorable hunting adventure that exceeds your expectations.